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New Age Mobility

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New Age Mobility

Unit 26/16 Charlton Crt. Woolner

Tel: 08 8942 1549

Registered NDIS Provider

Many different devices and equipment are available to help your mobility.

Here is a list of a few examples:

Walkers with seat

Knee Walker

Walking Frame

Forearm Walkers

Underarm Crutches

Forearm Crutches

Quad Sticks

Walking Sticks

Walking Sick with Seat

Pedal Exerciser

We now have 10 different models of walkers with wheels in stock. One of them should suite you.

Walkers with Wheels from $ 179.00


Knee Walker from $ 389.00

Walking Frame with or without wheels and Forearm Walkers from $ 128.00

Underarm and Forearm Crutches from $ 82.00

Quad Stick, Walking Sticks and Walking Stick with Seat, staring at $ 28.00

Pedal Exerciser from $ 99.00